For the young and the old who tend to value experiences over material things. Agrihood, also known as the agricultural neighbourhood, is becoming a global phenomenon that clubs idyllic settings in nature with resort amenities.  Imagine fully functional managed farms, ample green space, outdoor kitchens, and farm-to-table produce from your own backyard. Agrocorp’s farm communities aim to fulfil the dream of every family to own a piece of nature where they can create their personal space, work from home, and connect to their roots while investing effortlessly in the most time tested asset class, a piece of “land” located in a strategic investment zone.

Key Features

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Custom Land Size
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Verified Land Titles
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Developed Infrastructure
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Managed Services

Why invest in a farm?

Community Living
Asset Heavy Investment
Affordable Ticket Price
Gated & Secure
Live The Farm Life
Electricity & Water
Landscaped Gardens
On Farm Assistance
Managed Services
Sustainable Living


With Agrocorp you can now own your farmhouse and invest in the most desired asset class, a piece of land that is affordable, strategically located, accessible, organised, and facilitated by a trusted channel with all legal paperwork verified and many amenities developed.

Key challenges in land investment are:

  • Identifying a suitable land parcel with strategic location & accessibility.
  • Verification of the legal paperwork.
  • Unorganised dealing and absence of trusted acquisition companies.
  • Most such land parcels are too large in size, being unaffordable
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We develop fully serviced farm communities which offer exclusive farms built around world themes and premium amenities to keep our communities vibrant and engaging.

At Agrocorp, your farmhouse plot is nestled in a gated community with all your basic requirements such as security, electricity and water, internal access roads, and boundary walls with green landscapes and profitable plantations.

End-to-end solutions that help you imagine, design, and develop your own bespoke farm consist of:

  • Community Planning, development, and management.
  • Construction Services.
  • On Site Assistance.
  • Plantation Setup & Management.


We believe that your hard-earned money invested in creating this lifestyle should also grow and reap a handsome return on investment over time. This is the reason our farms are located in the most promising investment zones of Southern India. 

With many corporate & PSU developments  spread across thousands of acres and billions of dollars being invested in these pre-identified investment zones, you are bound to accrue multifold long-term gains.

Additionally, our bouquet of plantation and agri-tourism investments are bound to satisfy your short, medium & long term investment goals in addition to the experience of a dream lifestyle.

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