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Location map and highlights.

This location is not only strategic from the perspective of upcoming developments but is also very accessible from the center of bengaluru. it's a very scenic drive of only 45 minutes from Hebbal.

Location Highlights
Doddaballapur to Dobaspet road is now National Highway 648 connecting devanahalli to Dobaspet.
Located on 2Kms from the upcoming bren Sports City, the potential to become a major tourism spot around Bengaluru once operational.
Located only 10 min drive from Doddaballapur Town.
Located only 15 min from Obedanahalli Industrial area Doddaballapur.
Located only 20 min from Rajanukunte.
Located only 10 min from Grover Zampa Winery.
Located only 35 min from RMZ Galleria Mall, Yelahanka.
Distance From Essential Needs
Located only 10 min from Manipal Hospital.
located only 10 min from D-Mart.
located only 10 min from Doddaballapur Town

Raising toasts, raising standards.

About Agrocorp & Grover Zampa

Agrocorp has reimagined the experience of buying and selling land. We use experience, data & innovative acquisition strategies to identify the wisest investment zones while ensuring all transactions are appropriately structured and proper due diligence is conducted. With headquarters based out of Bangalore, we understand the complexity of the state of Karnataka better than anybody else.

10 Years+ of establishment.
700+ Acres land transacted, developed & delivered.
600+ Happy Families invested with us.
75000+ Trees planted.

There couldn’t have been a better partner for Agrocorp than the Grover Zampa Vineyards because both organisations share excellent technical expertise and experience within their domains. Most importantly they share the culture and the passion towards driving the young and democratic India.

Grover Zampa’s lovely team has over
30 years of experience and
500+ acres under vineyard management.
Being India’s 2nd largest wine producer,
they know the art of growing vineyards and
the soil of Karnataka better than anyone else out there.